Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Headmaster at Hotchkiss

Being sent to the principle's office can instill real fear.  (Not that I would know.)  But such was not the case when I visited the headmaster at The Hotchkiss School in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of northwestern Connecticut.  I was there to meet Malcolm McKenzie - whose portrait I was commissioned to paint for the school.  Here's how it progressed...

"Malcolm McKenzie - Headmaster of The Hotchkiss School"   40" x 30"  Oil

One of the benefits of portrait painting is meeting fascinating people, such as Mr. McKenzie.  Born in South Africa, he was headmaster at a boarding school in Botswana for many years (hence the zebras on his tie), then in Wales for several more, then Hotchkiss School and now Beijing, China.  The conversation at dinner was quite interesting!

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  1. Wonderful painting. Meeting interesting people is one of your perks for being "the best" portrait painter.