Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My First Tree

My parents bought me a set of oil paints when I was twelve years old.  I can still remember the pleasure of squeezing out those colors on the palette and smelling the linseed oil.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing but I took my paints outside and did this painting of a tree in our backyard.  Obviously I wasn't a child prodigy.

But I persisted and eventually got to where I could make a tree look more like a tree.  All these years later I still have a fascination with painting trees and here are a few examples in watercolor.

"Tree at Deaver Park"   21" x 14"

"Aspens for Natalie"  8" x 10"

"Tree at Veteran's Park"   11" x 14"

"John Peter Smith Tree"   14" x 21"

"Trinity Trails Train Trestle and Tree"   21" x 14"

"Carmel Cypress"   14" x 21"


  1. Love all your trees! Gotta say, I especially like the Aspens. They remind me of Indiana birch trees in the snow. Guess that takes me back to my childhood.

  2. I love your trees, James. Trees are one of the hardest subjects to do well. It takes years of observation to understand tree structure and dimension, especially how to render foliage.
    Bob Cook