Monday, March 23, 2015

Gerbera Daisies - In Oil and Water

Oils and watercolors:  I find equal pleasure painting in both.  One is buttery and creamy and the other is light and airy.  (Kind of sounds like frosting on a cake.)

"Gerbera Daisy"   8" x 6"   Oil

"Gerbera Daisies in Portuguese Pitcher"   12" x 9"   Watercolor


  1. Oh my, all of these are beautiful. I love Gerber Daisies. Wonderful use of color too.

  2. Amazing work, James. I'm always inspired by what I find on your blog and website. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful, inspirational work. Particularly love the rich background colors of the oil painting -- as well as how much variation in light you conveyed in the vase within such a small area. .The cropped close ups are much appreciated. As someone who also paints in both oil and watercolor, I find it hard to switch between the two if I've been doing one exclusively for several days. Your work is always nourishing. Thanks for taking the time to photograph it and post it.

  4. I love your watercolors James