Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hanging At Harvard

I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the unveiling of a portrait of Dr. William Graham, former Dean of Harvard Divinity School.  The current Dean, Dr. David N. Hempton, did the honors of lifting the curtain.

Dr. Graham seemed pleased with his portrait.

He also seemed vey pleased with the "wallet-size" (his words) version given to him as a gift from the school.

And when they asked me to say a few words I was really wishing I had taken that speech class in college.

Dr. William A. Graham, a gentleman and a scholar - with some of the bluest eyes you've ever seen.

"Dr. William Graham - Dean of Harvard Divinity School"   40" x 30"   Oil

Many thanks to Evgenia Eliseeva of Eve Photography for providing me with these photos.

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