Monday, July 23, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (at The Met)

One nice thing about traveling for portrait commissions is being able to visit great museums in the cities where my clients live. While in New York for a recent portrait sitting I was able to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art - one of my all-time favorite museums.  Here are a few paintings that I found particularly inspiring on that visit.  

J. J. Shannon   "Jungle Tales"
I really enjoy getting up close and studying the brushstrokes.

J. J. Shannon   "Magnolia"

Adrian Dauzats   "The Giralda, Seville"   

Diego Velasquez   "Maria Teresa"

Diego Velasquez   "Juan de Peralta"

John Singer Sargent   "Madame X"

John Singer Sargent   "William Merritt Chase"

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