Monday, July 16, 2012

I See Things Upside Down (And Backwards)

Sometimes when I'm painting I see things more clearly when they're upside down and backwards.  I was having trouble with the drawing on the standing boy's face - something about the position of the head and the subtle lighting was giving me problems.  So I turned the painting upside down and instead of thinking too literally about eyes, nose and mouth I began to see shapes and their relationships to each other and soon the drawing began to improve.

It also helped to look at the painting in a mirror which I have positioned in the back of my studio.  Viewing the painting backwards is something I do constantly and which helps me to easily see the drawing problems.

There's still much to be done but I'm feeling better about the progress of this painting of two boys enjoying each other's company at the Fort Worth Stock Show.

"Hero"  (in progress)   40" x 30"


  1. Awesome work!

    Cal White
    Social Media Manager
    Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo