Monday, June 18, 2012

Spanish Horse and Rider

"Study for Spanish Horse and Rider"   12" x 12"   Oil

I painted this small study in preparation for a larger version, to work out the details and color before beginning the large painting - but I also had another motivation for painting a small one.  I've been invited, along with about 90 other artists, to show three small paintings (nothing larger than 11x14) in Howard/Mandville Galleries' Small Works Show later this year - so I need to build up an inventory of smaller oils.

The rider started out with a red polo shirt but my most trusted critic (wife) suggested he wear a more formal riding outfit.

I think she was right...again.


  1. Beautiful, James!! Love both versions

  2. Gorgeous!! Once again, the richness you achieve in your shadows is just stunning! Way to go, James! :-)