Monday, June 11, 2012

Portrait Society of America Conference (Day Three)

Saturday's program began with a demonstration by Daniel Greene.  He talked about his color palette and then began working from the model.


The model is getting sleepy.

I think he was relieved when the pose ended.

Next up was Mary Whyte, the winner of the people's choice for the "Face Off" competition that occurred on Thursday night.  She demonstrated her watercolor technique for the audience.

Mary calls this next stage (below) when she lays in the broad shadow shape "the big scary".  ("You don't answer the phone at this stage!")  She put it down quickly and decisively, mixing wet into wet a reddish wash over an ultramarine blue wash. She commented that watercolor is the only medium where everything depends on timing.

Here she's adding the finishing touches on the 2 hour demonstration.

At the Awards Banquet on Saturday evening it was announced that Julio Reyes was the Grand Prize winner for his painting "Tread Softly."  Congratulations to Julio!

Grand Prize Winner
"Tread Softly"  42" x 63"   Oil  by Julio Reyes


The Portrait Society of America staff and faculty put on a great conference.  I plan to attend next year's event in Atlanta!

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