Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Gallery Night Video

Hi there, this is Justin with an unauthorized blog post...

If you know my dad, you're aware that he's not a big fan of being in the spotlight. He always cares way more about matter who the “you” happens to be. He's a humble and kind man who is quick to thank and encourage.

So about a year and a half ago when he told me about the "A Year in Fort Worth" project and we brainstormed together, I knew this would stretch him. Paula's idea was to document the whole thing and that's where he asked me to pitch in. So I quickly got to work with all of my hair-brained schemes: sticking a 24 hour “spy cam” in his studio, following him around with a video camera, teaching him a bit about blogging and answering his tech support questions about all the ridiculous gadgets I convinced him to buy and set up everywhere.

And he was such a good sport! I know that he tells people in the comments that their support has kept him going, and I promise that's not an embellishment. In a year's time my dad went from being vaguely aware of the blog world to having a blog with about 55,000 hits. (Yeah, I know the counter at the bottom isn't accurate, maybe he needs to hire another tech support guy...)

Just creating this impressive collection of paintings was a grueling process for him, and on top of that he's fiddling with SD cards and FTP servers and flipcam footage and Google analytics... He was willing to try anything and everything I threw at him (which was a lot.) He worked so hard and overcame a lot of hesitations and fears this last year.

Dad, this last video is a little different than the others. It represents just a tiny little portion of the people you impacted with AYIFW. Thank you for your help and support this year. And the 26 or so years before it too, of course.



  1. Justin, this is such a beautiful tribute to your Dad! You two have produced an awesome project together this year. I'm so proud of you both, and blessed to have you two as the men in my life.
    Love you,

  2. Justin, what a wonderful thoughtful gift you have given your dad. He is truly a talented and humble man and his son is following in his footsteps. You both have done a great job.

    James,I would just like to add that Dick and I think your talent is as big as your heart.

    I salute you! Laura

  3. Hello Justin,

    Loved the special video tribute to your dad. Your video is wonderful - and the writeup too. I believe your dad will be proud - as he should be. I follow his blog and and so enjoy it. Gotta say, your videos are super.

    Thanks for posting.


  4. What a truly moving video and commentary about your dad, Justin! He must have been thrilled to work side-by-side with his son for the entire project - y'all certainly make a great team! I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the show, and your video captures that, along with the personal aspect of the hearts and souls touched by his paintings :-) What a blessing!
    Wonderful job to you both!
    In Christ,