Monday, February 6, 2012

Lunch Meeting

Paula Kornye Tillman (owner of Galerie Kornye West) brought lunch to the studio and we had our initial meeting to discuss the content and layout of the "A Year In Fort Worth" show catalog.  To help us visualize how the catalog will look, I printed a photo of every painting that I produced during 2011 (close to 50).  Now comes the task of designing the cover, putting the paintings in some kind of order and adding text to the images.  


  1. Cool! Keep us posted when it will come out... The hard part would be choosing the cover. Its all good. :) from M Miller

  2. Looking forward to the show! Keep us posted.

  3. How exciting for you to be able to bring "A Year in Fort Worth" together in catalog form. I can sure think of plenty of great covers. Any chance you might consider producing your collection in book form, and offer it for purchase? I for one would love to have one! I am so looking forward to gallery night.

    1. Thank you! The catalog will be for sale on Gallery Night and will be available at the gallery afterwards as well. It should be fairly thick, with all paintings from the year as well as anecdotes of the whole experience.

  4. James - I would like to purchase a catalog. Should I contact the Gallery after the show?