Friday, February 3, 2012

It Takes Two

It has been said that it takes two artists to paint a painting - one to do the work, and the other to tell him when to stop before he spoils it!  My wife is that other artist for me.  For over 30 years she has been my most trusted critic, my greatest encourager and my best friend.  I wouldn't want to do this without her.

Below are just a few examples of her creativity.  You can check out her blog here.

And today is her birthday.  : )


  1. You are very fortunate to have your wife as your critic, encourager and best friend! Her works reflect a very talented artist; her blog is a combination of simplicity, beauty and style. The photography / composition is wonderful! . . . and a happy birthday to her as well.

  2. Tell her Happy Birthday! Her work is beautiful. Love the 1st picture.
    Have a good one. Marilyn Miller