Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frog Fountain

I'm just beginning a painting of Frog Fountain on the Texas Christian University Commons.  The fountain has been a focal point of campus life for several decades and features four stylized lotus leaves.

"TCU Commons" (just started)   30" x 40"   Oil

"TCU Commons"  (color study)   8" x 11"   Oil

I thought the painting needed to include someone riding a bike so I asked a friend of mine who works at TCU to pose for me.  He was a good sport and rode back and forth many times while I snapped photos.  Thanks Jay!


  1. James,
    This is beautiful! What did you paint the color study on?

  2. Suspended water droplets in the sunlight - totally awesome! And the bike was a great idea. This painting is beautiful, and so realistic. Your talent never fails to amaze me, James.