Friday, January 6, 2012


John Singer Sargent said, "The thicker the paint, the more the color flows."  I believe that - and I do enjoy pushing thick paint around!  Often when we see paintings reproduced in a book or on a website they appear very smooth when in fact they are full of brushstrokes and textures.  That's one great reason to visit museums and galleries - to see paintings up close and in person, as they were meant to be seen.

"The Andalusian"  (detail)

"The Andalusian"   36" x 36"  Oil


  1. The Andalusian is stunningly regal. I can only imagine how majestic it will be in the size you painted it. I am hoping it will be included in your Spring Gallery showing. . . . . so looking forward to March 24th.

  2. Love the light and color in your TCU commons sketch. Missed you and your art at the last meet.