Thursday, August 25, 2011

Botanic Gardens Heron Sculpture

Painting on location is full of challenges.  You need to paint rapidly because the light will change in just a few minutes, especially on a sunny day like this one.  You are often fighting the elements such as wind and sun and rain.  Sometimes bugs get in the way ( I think there are some imbedded in this painting).  But  it can also be very rewarding and often there is an honesty and authenticity in these small outdoor studies that can be lacking in a labored studio piece.

I painted this at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on two consecutive days.  Each session was probably about 2 hours long - just enough time to try to capture the essentials, but not long enough to get too bogged down with a lot of details.  On location you see so much more color, as evidenced by comparing the painting with the photo I took of the scene I painted.  And as soon as the weather gets cooler around here, I'm going back outside to paint!

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