Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Coals to Newcastle

A Texas artist sending a West Coast seascape to an art show in California feels a bit like sending coals to Newcastle. Nevertheless, the California Art Club has accepted this painting into this year's Gold Medal Exhibition -- and for that I am grateful.  You can see all of the paintings in the show here.

Indian Beach, near the town of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Video by Justin Tennison

"Indian Beach - North View"   14" x 21"   Watercolor


  1. The watercolor of Indian Beach and video with the awesome sound effects are wonderful. Love your work, James.

  2. Congratulations, James. Lovely painting, as always. After clicking though all the paintings at the CAC website two things are clear: you are in wonderful company and there was a great deal of coal sent to Newcastle -- seascapes may be the most plentiful subject. The video seems to show this painting developing from the top down. Is that your regular watercolor strategy?

  3. Thank you, Steve! I don't always work from top down on watercolors. Each painting seems to dictate a different approach.