Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tillamook Rock Light

Oregon's Ecola State Park offers this view to visitors who are fortunate enough to be there at sunset.  In the distance stands Tillamook Rock Lighthouse,  built one mile offshore and first used in 1881.

Here's how the painting progressed.

"Tillamook Rock Light"   20" x 30"   Oil


  1. Beautiful painting, as always. Wonderful sense of light and space. Thanks for including the steps along the way. In oil painting, it's always a challenge for me to paint pine branches against a sky -- keeping the edges clean. It looks like you did a combination of painting the branches over the sky along with going back into masses of branches with sky holes. Did you give time for the paint to dry a bit? When painting outdoors in one session, that's not an option, and that's when those edges get messy for me.

  2. Thank you, Steve! You are right about a combination of painting the branches over the sky as well as going back in with sky holes. (I used my palette knife quite a bit.) I did let paint dry before painting back into it. I find I do best when I don't paint all in one go. It helps me to do a painting in several sessions, letting each layer dry before I further refine it.