Sunday, January 17, 2016

Society of Watercolor Artists Slide Presentation

The nice folks at the Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth have asked me to give a slide presentation of my work at their January 25th meeting.  I'll be showing photographs of my watercolors and some oils and will have step by step examples of works in progress and some time-lapse videos of paintings from start to finish.

While I spend most of my time painting in oils, I find watercolor to be a refreshing (and challenging) change.  Below are are some of the ways I enjoy using this medium.

Watercolors are my preferred medium for working out ideas in my sketchbooks...

...and for sketching objects around my home.

They are easily portable and perfect to take along on my travels.

They're handy when the pilot announces that we will be stuck on the runway for an hour due to bad weather.

On occasion I like to paint the same subject in watercolor and oils, such as Pont Neuf in Paris...

"Pont Neuf"   14" x 21"   Watercolor

"Pont Neuf"   18" x 24"   Oil

...or a lamppost in Portugal.

"Portuguese Lamppost"   14" x 21"   Watercolor

"Portuguese Lamppost"   16" x 20"   Oil

I sometimes use watercolor to explore a subject before painting it in oils.

"Mariposa"   24" x 24"   Oil

And they're great fun for painting trees.

"The John Peter Smith Tree"   14" x 21"   Watercolor

The Society of Watercolor Artists meeting will be 7:00 PM Monday, January 25th at the University of North Texas Health & Sciences Center at 3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth.


  1. I always love your watercolors.

    1. Loved your presentation. Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. Thank you, Sharon. I love your photography!

    3. Thank you, Skeeter! I can't seem to reply on your comment but hopefully this will get to you.