Thursday, August 6, 2015

Portraits for PepsiCo

I used to make Funyuns.  That's right, I was an Extruder Operator at Frito-Lay, making sure those tasty onion flavored rings were made to perfection. (I understand this job is now done by a robot!)  I did this for six months in order to earn money to go to art school.  So, in a way, I have these gentlemen to thank for helping me along my artistic path.  They are Mr. Lay and Mr. Kendall, co-founders of PepsiCo -- which sells the Frito-Lay brand.  I was recently commissioned to paint their portraits as well as the portraits of the other CEOs who have led the company until the present day.

"Mr. Herman Lay"   Co-Founder of Pepsico   30" x 24"

"Mr. Donald M. Kendall"   Co-Founder of PepsiCo   30" x 24"

The portraits hang in the PepsiCo headquarters in New York.

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