Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher

"Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher - President of Wheaton College"   40" x 30"   Oil

After serving as President of Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts for ten years, Dr. Ronald A. Crutcher will soon resign to pursue other interests.  The school has honored him by commissioning a portrait and I was fortunate to be chosen to paint his likeness.  When I discovered that he was not only president but also an accomplished cellist, (he is a member of The Klemperer Trio - with whom he records and tours in the U.S. and Europe) I knew I wanted to paint him with his instrument.  I figured I wouldn't have too many opportunities to paint a college president who also plays cello!  Plus I thought I might get a private cello concert during the portrait sitting - which I did and it was amazing!

Portrait agent Jasmine Sewell, an alumni of Wheaton College, introduced me to Dr. Crutcher and arranged for me to paint his portrait.  She was also in attendance last Friday at the dinner where his portrait was unveiled and provided these photos.

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  1. Very nice, James. You never fail to deliver a perfect rendering of your subject.