Friday, November 2, 2012

Salmagundi Annual Member's Exhibition

I've shipped this painting off to New York to the Salmagundi Art Club's Annual Members Exhibition.  Due to Tropical Cyclone Sandy, the Salmagundi is currently without power but hopefully things will be back to normal for the show November 14 - November 30.

This church on a hill in Arraiolos, Portugal is one I've painted several times and I always enjoy trying to capture the feeling of sunlight on its whitewashed walls and the reflected light in the shadows.

"Portuguese Church - Late Morning"   12" x 24"   Oil

Below is the original composition.  When I placed a long, narrow frame over the painting I discovered that I liked the composition much better that way, so I cut off the excess canvas on the top and bottom and re-stretched it to its current panoramic format.

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