Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oil Versus Watercolor (Lamppost)

I sometimes get the urge to paint the same subject in both oils and watercolors.  Each medium has its strengths and challenges and I find it refreshing (and sometimes frustrating) to switch back and forth between the two.  The subject here is a street light in Portugal - the country where I grew up and for which I still have great fondness.


"Lamppost - Southern Portugal"   16" x 20"   


"Lamppost - Southern Portugal"   14" x 19"   

I did these smaller versions before beginning the larger paintings above.  (I got to know this lamppost quite well!)


"Study for Lamppost"   12" x 9"   


"Study for Lamppost"   14" x 10"

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  1. Very nice work James, It's good to see you are still painting doors and windows. I remember you were doing this years ago.