Monday, August 6, 2012

Magenta, Yellow, Cyan

I have started my fourth painting in a series of Ballet Folklorico dancers.  My first step was to do a quick watercolor sketch to get an idea about composition and color.

"Trio"   8" x 10"   Watercolor

Next a quick oil study to more accurately establish my darks and lights.

Then a drawing on canvas with a brush and some yellow ochre.

The painting is under way.  I'll now begin adding detail from left to right.

"Trio" (in progress)  30" x 48"   Oil 

Here are the other three paintings in the series.

"Mariposa"   24" x 24"   Oil

"Ballet Folklorico"   12" x 16"   Oil

"Rosa"   36" x 24"   Oil

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