Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portrait Society of America Conference (Day Two)

On the second day of the conference Burton Silverman took the stage and demonstrated his technique for producing a drawing with graphite pencil. We followed along on a big split-screen as he created this drawing in about half an hour.

Next up were Susan Lyon and Michelle Dunaway.  They demonstrated their very different approaches to painting the same subject as they worked simultaneously from the same model.

Meanwhile the twenty finalists in the International Portrait Competition were on display in an adjoining room.  

There we also many art material manufacturers showing and selling their wares.  I have heard so many good things about Rosemary & Co. brushes from the U. K. that I felt I had to buy some to try out.  Rosemary herself had flown in from the Yorkshire Dales to exhibit and sell her line of brushes.

This was truly an international competition with artists from Canada, Estonia, Italy, Sweden and the United States selected as finalists.  I met Aako Pukk who had traveled all the way from Estonia to exhibit this painting of his wife's grandfather.

Next post I'll show the 20 finalists.

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