Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sundance Courtyard

"Sundance Courtyard"   18" x 14"   Oil

I had passed right by this spot in downtown Fort Worth many times and had never noticed it before.  Our daughter, who works at Earth Bones on Main Street, showed us this little courtyard behind the shop.  It is the site of outdoor dining for Cabo Grande and Risky's Barbeque.  Painting the city where I live has really helped me appreciate the beauty that is all around - if I would just open my eyes to see it.


  1. James,
    What kind of desk do you use to place your palette on?

    1. Kate - I mounted a 3/4 inch plywood board to a sturdy tripod.

  2. I have seen this little alleyway before, but didn't realize it was outdoor dining for Cabo Grande. How inviting your beautiful painting makes it look! It sort of reminds me of a Parisian scene - right in the heart of Ft. worth. How refreshing it that?