Thursday, September 1, 2011


"Evening Light on Bass Hall"   36" x 27"   Oil

I finally finished my Bass Hall painting!  Although my "A Year in Fort Worth" show will be on Spring Gallery Night 2012, this painting will be on display at Galerie Kornye West during the upcoming Fall Gallery Night, September 10th, 2011 -- a preview of things to come.  

And here's where it started, a few thousand brushstrokes ago.


  1. . . . and you finished it well. The detail in this is incredible, and the way you captured the sunset is beautiful. I LOVE this one. Can't wait to see this in person and up close. GORGEOUS.

  2. A job well done, good and faithful servant!!! I too want to see it in person!! Hope your family is prospering James!!

  3. James, you make me feel like your paintings are going to jump out of the canvas. You are truly talented.