Friday, April 8, 2011

The View From Our Balcony

"Balcony View"   12" x 16"   Oil

This view is always fascinating to me - at all times of day and in every season.  Weather permitting, I like to drink my morning cup of coffee on the balcony as I watch the city wake up.  

The buildings take on a different character and color scheme with every change of weather (sun, storm, fog, snow) and with every passing moment at sunrise and sunset.  It would take a thousand paintings to capture this ever-changing view.  I painted this one in the late afternoon.  

The county courthouse (you can see its clock tower in the middle of the painting) is about a mile from here.  Restoration work is about to begin on the clock tower, so I took some photos this week before the scaffolding goes up and plan to paint a nighttime view of the building from Main Street. 

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