Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Kawn" the Baby Llama

"Kawn"  10" x 8"  Watercolor

Meet Kawn, a baby llama who recently visited the Fort Worth Stock Show from Florissant, Colorado.

As Shirley Jinkins noted in her Star-Telegram article, "They're serene but quirky, puffy and furry, and they hum when they greet their friends."  I discovered for myself how friendly llamas can be on one of my Stock Show visits a few weeks ago.  My only previous llama experience occurred when I was a kid, and that particular animal spit on me (my fault, no doubt).  With that in mind, I approached Kawn with caution, asking his owner, "Is he friendly?"  Without a word to me, the man turned to Kawn and said, "Kawn, give this man a kiss."  At which point I received my first llama smooch.


  1. The minute I saw the llama I immediately thought of how one spit on a kiss any better? :)
    I really love your watercolors!

  2. If it gave you a kiss then didn't it just spit on you in a more affectionate manner?

  3. Reminds me of a student I had, back when big hair was in. Llamas always seem to have an indignant look, but I'm sure he would be pleased with his portrait.