Monday, January 24, 2011

Painted Violins 2011

I am one of 27 artists invited to participate in the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's Painted Violins project.  These violins will be auctioned February 24 and the proceeds will benefit the Orchestra's education programs for children.  The violins will be on display January 29 and February 13 in the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth.  

 Each artist was given a bare wooden violin as well as a piece of music for inspiration -- in my case, Mozart's Concerto No. 4 for Horn in E Flat Major.  The use of the horn in the last movement of this concerto invokes the feeling of the hunt in the open air, thus the blue sky with clouds on the front of the violin.   

Here's the completed front.  The back of the violin reveals a surprise -- one of the angels on the 
Bass Performance Hall is sounding the hunting call.   But I'll show you the back next time.


  1. very cool lol cant wait to see the back, where'd you get the idea?

  2. I painted on a saw blade one time, but never a fiddle! Very creative.