Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In Progress - Part 2

Continuing from my last post.  At this point the canvas is covered, and I am starting to add detail.

The goose is finished.

First duck and reflection finished.

   "Duck, Duck, Goose"   18" x 24"   Oil
The finished painting.

Coming up next:   Something architectural, and then the Fort Worth Stock Show!


  1. Thanks for allowing us a peek into how a painting evolves from start to finish . . .very, very neat. I really like the way you can even see their feet in the water. It feels like you should be able to see them paddling! The goose is amazing - from his wet beak down to his beautiful feathers.

  2. This is absolutely stunning! I also like the title and how nature played out a children's game for you.

  3. My favorite part-the blues in the shadow on the neck. Nice placement of cerulean and cobalt blue. As usual, a fun, inspiring progression. Thanks very much.

  4. This is gorgeous, James! Once again, the way you paint such beautiful, colorful shadows never ceases to amaze and inspire me! :-)

  5. Thank you for posting these four photos of how this beautiful painting evolved to completion. I love wildlife, and I love the whimsical title you chose. Great painting, James!